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Why BilinguaSing?  

Have you ever heard a song just once and then failed to get it out of your head for days after? Yet try remembering those words of French or Spanish you thought you'd memorised for your holiday, and you can bet they just vanish from your mind the minute you need them! 

Singing helps us learn  

Research* shows that singing in a foreign language can make it easier to learn, which is why at BilinguaSing we combine music with language learning. 
In a nutshell, we teach through our library of bilingual songs and rhymes, all of which start in English and are repeated in either French, German, Italian or Spanish. 
Nursery rhymes form a huge part of your child’s speech development in infancy - they feel nice and ‘secure’ to your child, and a relaxed brain learns best! 
By the time your child is pre-school age we start to teach in a more linear, ‘structured’ way (but still using music and song). 
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The BilinguaSing story 

The power of music  

There’s lots of well-documented evidence about the developmental benefits of music for babies and young children – from social-emotional to physical skills; and from cognitive to language and literacy skills. 
But a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2018 also suggests that new mums suffering from post-natal depression could recover more quickly when taking part in group singing sessions with their babies. 

Stave off ‘baby brain’! 

And for many parents, their BilinguaSing class is the only class they attend that offers them some mental stimulation, helping to stave off ‘baby brain’. 
Ours is the only truly bilingual music class franchise in the UK, and our approach has many benefits: children remain engaged for longer, they experience enhanced understanding as communication is supported, frustration is reduced, enjoyment is increased - and a love of languages develops! 
But don’t just take our word for it - watch what happened when the BBC visited our classes. 

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