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There are so many reasons why your child should start learning Spanish.  
Language learning in general is immensely beneficial for the human brain, and especially for the sponge-like learning capabilities of our little ones. Brain growth, better memory and increased problem-solving skills are just a few of the rewards, but what's so special about Spanish? 
Spoken by over 450 million people across the globe, Spanish is one of the top 3 spoken languages worldwide and it continues to be one of the most popular choices for foreign language studies. 
As an official language in 21 countries, and an unofficial language in many more, the opportunities that arise from learning this widespread language are endless.  

Why is learning Spanish so beneficial for kids? 

Introducing kids to the Spanish language at an early age will set them up for a life of boundless opportunities, both in their work and personal lives. 
Research shows that English language skills in Hispanic countries are low, yet business interactions and travel between Spanish and English speaking countries continues to grow.  
The most recent English Proficiency Index conducted by EF shows that Spanish speaking countries rated very low to medium on the scale, with no regions placing in the high to very high rankings. 
This creates a need to 'close the gap' between Spanish and English speaking communities and all the more reason to get your kids learning Spanish from a young age.  
Speaking a second language is a real advantage when it comes to employment opportunities. As trade and commerce between English and Spanish speaking countries expand, so does the need for bilingual employees. In-demand industries include business, IT, education, healthcare, tourism and the public sector. 
And aside from all the employment opportunities your child will have access to, the rich and diverse world of Hispanic culture is reason enough to learn Spanish. Whether it be travel to one of the world’s many Hispanophone regions or gaining access to the wide world of Spanish art and literature, the ability to understand this beautiful language has so many benefits! 

What makes Spanish such a great language for kids to learn? 

Children learn languages much easier than adults. In particular, their ability to grasp a 2nd (or even 3rd or 4th) language is unparalleled during their first year of life. Exposure to a foreign language such as Spanish when they are as young as possible greatly increases the likelihood of fluency and all the rewards that follow!  
Spanish is a phonetic language - meaning letters are pronounced consistently, making it easier to learn. This is part of the reason it’s often referred to as a ‘gateway language’.  
If you can expose your child to the Spanish language from a young age, they’ll also find it easier to learn other languages like French and Italian later in life. 
And on top of that, it's known as one of the happiest languages. An analysis of 10 commonly spoken languages around the world showed Spanish was the most positive overall, with the highest number of optimistic words and fewer negative words in the vocabulary. 
What’s not to love? 

What makes BilinguaSing Spanish classes for kids so special? 

Our Spanish classes for kids are a unique and holistic adventure for the senses. So what makes them different to other similar classes? 
Many Spanish lessons for kids are delivered only in Spanish. This can be really intimidating for some children and can scare them away from language learning for life.  
Here at BilinguaSing, we have a different outlook. We deliver our classes in English first, then in Spanish.  
By creating this welcoming and supportive bilingual environment for both our little ones and their parents, we find this approach to language learning to be highly effective. 
BilinguaSing founder Ellie Baker says it best: ". . . children (and adults) learn best when they are comfortably challenged, rather than thrown in the deep end to either sink or swim." 
We deliver our classes through our very own award-winning bilingual music. Incorporating music and singing is proven to make language learning easier, and a whole lot of fun for everyone involved! 
British Sign Language is also integrated as a third language to help make our classes inclusive for all kids.  
Take a look at this online example of one of our musical Spanish classes for kids below! 

More info about our BilinguaSing Spanish classes for kids 

Our classes integrate catchy songs, lights, props and puppets for the ultimate sensory experience. Each class is adapted to the specific developmental stage of your child, regardless of age. 
Our Spanish classes on offer include: 
Spanish for newborn babies - a gentle class that includes baby yoga, massage and baby-signing for those as young as 4 weeks old.  
Spanish classes for mobile babies - lots of singing and musical instruments for little ones that are crawling or finding their feet. 
Spanish classes for toddlers and preschoolers - combining drama, creative play, dance and movement for kids up to 4 years old.  
We also have a primary school program for children aged between 4 and 11 years that integrates music and language in a fun and engaging environment. These classes are perfect for foundation stage (pre-kindergarten) and key stages 1-2 (kindergarten to 5th grade).  
Where can I find your Spanish for Kids classes? 
What other languages are on offer at BilinguaSing? 
Interested in a different language? We also offer classes in French, German, Italian and English as a foreign language. Find and contact your local BilinguaSing here, or join us in our online classes if you live too far away! 
We live too far away, can we buy your Spanish for Kids songs through your website? 
You sure can! Click here to purchase our MP3's for babies, toddlers and young children. 
Our unique bilingual songs are sung at just the right speed and pitch making them enjoyable for babies, children and parents alike! 
We're even offering a discount off your first purchase - just enter £5-OFF at checkout

What else can I do to start teaching my child Spanish? 

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We can't wait to see you there! 
The BilinguaSing Team  
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