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  The importance of music and singing in early child development  

  The importance of music and singing in early child development  

It is a well-known fact that young people love singing. Almost all of their entertainment, whether it is a battery powered toy, interactive book or tv show, have music in them. Of course, there is much joy and entertainment that can be found through music and singing, but did you know how important it is when it comes to early childhood development? It helps boost their language skills and improves wellbeing. Below is some advice from this independent school in Kent on the importance of music and singing in early childhood development. 
Communication and language development 
Right from the very start, music and sound are very important. Research has shown that even new-born babies are able to recognise and respond to music. Some have even found that singing songs to their baby when they were in the womb, has helped to soothe them after birth. This ability to recognise sound early on helps little ones to identify their parent’s voice later. With the constant repetition of familiar melodies, young children are able to recognise word patterns whilst singing together. This can help them form words as they mimic what they hear. 
Health and wellbeing 
Music and singing can actually be good for a child’s physical development as well as their emotional development. Singing is well known for helping respiratory muscles and optimising breathing. Given that children are naturally drawn to music and anything with a melody, it also makes them feel happy. In today’s stressful society, it is always great to promote an activity that helps children feel content and free. 
Improves hearing 
Teaching children classic songs and nursery rhymes is a great way to help improve their auditory skills. Through this, they are able to distinguish different sound patterns. This helps form the basis of literacy and numeracy which will help a child academically later on in life. 

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