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Welcome to our new BilinguaSing Franchisee Spotlight Blog Series, where we get to introduce our fabulous franchisees and share what they have to say about what it's like to run their very own BilinguaSing franchise!  
Next up is Zuri, who runs BilinguaSing West Essex... 
Hola! Bonjour!  
My name is Zuri and I run BilinguaSing West Essex, which I launched just under a year ago in November 2019. I’m mum to Erin, who is 9, and William, who is 6 and before I started my BilinguaSing classes, I was a primary school specialist languages teacher, teaching French and Spanish to little ones from reception up to year 6. I first discovered BilinguaSing when my son William was still crawling, and I was interested in doing a different kind of baby/toddler class with him; I wanted something that involved languages, but there was absolutely nothing in my local area that catered for somebody of his age and the closest thing I could find was Ellie’s class, all the way out in Windsor. So I made the one and a half hour trip all the way from Essex to Windsor to sample one of her classes, and I loved it so much! It encompasses all of the things that I hold dear: languages, sharing languages with the youngest of learners and singing! 
So I started my career working in secondary schools, teaching French and Spanish up to GCSE and A-Level and then I made the switch to becoming a primary languages specialist teacher, because I like working with little ones, much more than I like working with teenagers! So I taught in primary school for over 10 years, which I absolutely loved, but once I had children, I found that working in school was very restrictive; you’re restricted to being in school before drop-off times, and you’re often in school much later than the children finish - so for my own children, my working days were very long and I just felt that I needed to regain some kind of work-life balance, whilst still doing something that I loved. 
So with BilinguaSing, I can now set the days and times that I work, so that it suits my family best. I can drop the children off at school and then I can go and do my BilinguaSing classes. I can finish up in time to pick them up from school most days, and then when I’m at home with them, they have my full attention. Anything else that I might need to do business-wise, I can do in the evenings. And it’s easy! I don’t have any marking, I don’t have the same school politics to deal with, I’m my own boss, I love what I do, I get all the feedback from the parents and children that come to my classes and I get to sing and play all day long for a living, which is just so joyful! I feel that my work-life balance is much better, and it is much more in my control, now that I run my own BilinguaSing business. 
BilinguaSing West Essex 
Where to find Zuri:  
Tel: Zuri 07989 976548 / Email: zuri@bilinguasing.com 
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Stay tuned for the next blog in our series! 
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