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BilinguaSing’s award-winning Spanish, French, German & Italian primary school lessons and clubs combine the best elements of music and language classes. 
Sessions are carefully crafted so that the target language is absorbed through the songs, all while paying special attention to the phonics of the new language. 
Singing in the new language leads to better retention and accelerated learning when compared to more traditional language classes.  
Parents are often stunned to hear their little one unexpectedly burst into song in Spanish, French, German or Italian either when at home or out and about. Which to us is proof that children learn a second language best when they absorb it naturally, just as they did their first!  
Watch this short video to see how BilinguaSing PPA lessons and clubs can enhance your curriculum offering and contribute to more positive outcomes for children and the school as a whole. 
Benefits of language learning 
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Why choose BilinguaSing for your school? 

It’s now commonly understood that teaching children languages from an early age helps them to excel through their school years. 
It fosters their development in other subjects, enhancing their speech and understanding of their own language, as well as increasing their confidence and overall cognitive development. It’s even known to help with maths and science! 
In addition to our curriculum-time lesson service, BilinguaSing lunchtime and after-school language clubs are a great way to: 
introduce EYFS and KS1 children to your school’s target language before it becomes part of their more formal curriculum 
support your KS2 children’s classroom language learning with an additional extra-curricular fun club 
offer an additional language alongside your school’s chosen curriculum-time language 
enthuse children and staff (warning: expect our catchy songs to create a ‘languages buzz’ around school!) 

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How long does a session last? 

Generally, lunchtime clubs last for 30 minutes and after-school clubs 45 minutes. 

What other services can we provide? 

• Curriculum-time sessions to meet your PPA needs 
• Themed language days 
• INSET sessions for your staff 
• Support with curriculum planning for MFL 
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