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French is the official language of 29 countries across 5 continents – so it’s no wonder parents are desperate to get their kids learning French! 
On top of that – there are 88 countries and states worldwide, both teaching and speaking French, that are members and observers of The International Organisation of la Francophonie, an international community that aims to strengthen and promote the French language and culture. 
This global distribution shows the vast number of opportunities your children have to use French throughout their lives, and how important it is to get them learning from the youngest possible age. 
So, no more excuses – let’s get started!  

Why should my kids learn French? 

The French-speaking community is one of the largest in the world – it’s the 3rd most commonly spoken language across Europe and ranks 5th globally.  
So, there’s no disputing the doors that can be opened for your child by learning this widespread language. Never mind the oodles of benefits kids gain from language learning in general! 

Why is learning French such a great idea for kids? 

Experts often refer to a 'window of opportunity' when it comes to children learning a second language. And while popular belief may suggest a one-language-at-a-time approach, there is ample evidence showing a second language is best introduced at the same time they’re learning their first language – so while they're still a baby! 
Language acquisition peaks at around 11 months of age, according to From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development. This means it’s easiest for your little one to acquire a second language before their first birthday.  
Of course, kids can learn new language skills as they grow older too, but why not give them a head start? 

What makes BilinguaSing French classes for kids different? 

We think our French for Kids classes are rather special! Here's why: 
Most French classes for kids are delivered using a full immersion technique. Whilst effective for some, this approach can feel daunting and even alienating for a lot of children. 
If you think back to your childhood experiences of learning a language, how did you and your classmates respond to this approach? 
The difference with BilinguaSing is that we deliver our classes bilingually. English first, then French. Always! 
Is this effective? Yes! 
According to BilinguaSing founder Ellie Baker, ". . . children (and adults) learn best when they are comfortably challenged, rather than thrown in the deep end to either sink or swim." 
Our unique approach to language learning is delivered almost exclusively through our own award-winning bilingual music, which accelerates learning and aids memory. 
We also integrate British Sign Language as a third language, making our classes lots of fun and as inclusive as possible for all children. 
Check out an online example of our fun musical French classes for kids below! 

More about BilinguaSing French for Kids classes 

Our French classes for newborn babies are a bilingual and sensory experience that you can start with your little one from as little as 4 weeks old! 
For crawlers and walkers who are ready for more action, try our French classes for mobile babies. Loaded with puppets, props, and even bubbles! These classes are a real adventure for the senses. 
Our French classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers are highly interactive and are perfect for little busy bees on the move. They’re also a great option for nurseries and preschools too. 
We also offer a primary school program for children aged between 4 and 11 years. Combining the best components of music and language, these classes are great for foundation stage (pre-kindergarten) and key stages 1-2 (kindergarten through to 5th grade). 
Where can I find your French classes for kids? 
What other languages can we learn with BilinguaSing? 
Did you have a different language in mind? Take a look at our Spanish, German, Italian and English as a foreign language classes for details. Find and contact your local branch here, or join us online if you live too far away! 
It's difficult for me to get to your children's French classes. Can we just buy your French kids songs? 
Absolutely! You can find the whole caboodle here. Our French songs for kids are the best way to learn French through music because each song starts in English (so you actually know what is being sung in French)!  
Hey, we'll even give you a discount off your first purchase. Just enter £5-OFF at the checkout! 

What else can I do to start teaching my child French? 

Join our FREE community of BilinguaSingers in 3 steps: 
Step 1: Subscribe to BilinguaSing TV for free online French lessons for babies, preschoolers and primary school kids 
Step 2: Subscribe to the BilinguaSing newsletter for regular tips about learning French at home with your family 
Step 3: Join our free BilinguaSing Family group on Facebook so you can be part of a growing community of online language learners! 
We look forward to seeing you there! 
The BilinguaSing Team  
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