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German is an official language in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein and of course, Germany. It’s also recognised as a minority language in a number of other countries including Denmark, Poland, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. 
Behind English, it is the second most spoken language in the European Union, and has over 130 million native or second language speakers around the world. 
On top of all that, it is estimated that over 15 million people around the world are currently learning German. 
From education, employment opportunities and travel, there are so many reasons to learn this widespread language – and getting started early is the best way to go about it.  

Why is German such a great language for kids to learn? 

German has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn; mostly due to the somewhat challenging case system. But many teachers of this popular European language agree - it is actually one of the more logical languages to learn! 
It's also interesting to note that English and German actually originate from the same language family – they’re both Western Germanic languages. This means there are similar verb rules and it’s easy to spot familiarity between words in both languages. 
German is also a phonetic language, so once you’ve mastered each letter, you can pronounce most words without too much difficulty. 
Given the impressive ability of our young ones to learn a new language, introducing this language to them at the youngest possible age will see them reaping benefits well into their teens and beyond. Especially when delivered in a fun and musical environement in one of our BilinguaSing German for kids classes! 

What are the benefits of my child learning German? 

Learning the German language comes with a whole lot of benefits and opportunities that your child can take advantage of. 
German is the language of poets and philosophers – Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche to name just a few. Being able to understand and appreciate the world of famous German literature is reason enough to learn it! 
Germany also boasts some of the best universities in the world. And as of 2014, anyone (European or not) can study there for free or for a very small fee. A world-class education for free in a country with a high quality of living – what’s not to love? 
And regardless of whether your child chooses to pursue an education in ‘the land of poets and thinkers’, learning German will open them up to some great employment opportunities later in life. 
Germany has the largest and strongest economy in Europe and ranks 4th in the world. This thriving economy and a rapidly growing business sector equal endless professional opportunities that your child could benefit from if they learn German. Numerous British companies consider Germany one of their biggest trading partners and there are a huge number of German companies operating within the UK.  
And of course, there’s travel. Being able to speak with and understand the local language while travelling abroad bridges cultural gaps and makes for an even better experience. Aside from German-speaking countries and regions in Europe, there are also pockets of communities all over the world speaking German; including South Africa, Namibia, Brazil and Argentina – so there are plenty of opportunities to use the language outside Europe! 

What makes BilinguaSing German classes different? 

Our German classes are especially designed for kids and are delivered in a unique and welcoming environment.  
What makes them different from other language classes? 
German can be a bit of an intimidating language for a young child to learn in the beginning.  
At BilinguaSing, our goal is to make our classes a positive and welcoming experience for everyone. We deliver our classes first in English, then in German. 
We find this eases little ones and their parents into the language and makes it a more comfortable and effective learning environment.  
As BilinguaSing founder Ellie Baker says: ". . . children (and adults) learn best when they are comfortably challenged, rather than thrown in the deep end to either sink or swim." 
Incorporating music and singing into the language learning process is shown to significantly improve memorisation of words and phrases. 
Here at BilinguaSing, we have developed our very own award-winning bilingual music that helps to engage kids and keep them having fun while also providing mental stimulation for mums and dads! 
We also include British Sign Language in our classes to make them more inclusive.  
Check out an online example of one of our German classes for kids below! 

More info about our BilinguaSing German classes for babies and kids 

We currently offer the following German classes for children of all ages: 
German for newborn babies is a gentle class that inspires bonding and relaxation through beautiful lullabies and songs that you'll already be familiar with. You can bring your little one along when they're as young as 4 weeks old! 
Our German classes for mobile babies are high energy sessions that introduce active little ones to musical instruments and lots of fun. 
Our German for toddlers and preschoolers involve lots of interaction, drama, dance and movement to help build your child's confidence with the German language.  
We also offer a primary school program for kids between the ages of 4 and 11 years. These classes are also suitable for foundation stage (pre-kindergarten) and key stages 1-2 (kindergarten to 5th grade). Expect lots of music, interaction and creative play! 
Where can I find your German for classes for kids? 
We currently offer German class in the Coventry & Kenilworth area only - please visit https://www.bilinguasing.com/find-a-class/coventry-kenilworth-french-german/ 
Do you offer other languages at BilinguaSing? 
Is there a different language you're interested in for your little one? We also offer classes in French, Spanish & Italian, as well as English as a foreign language. Find and contact your local BilinguaSing office here, or join us online if you live too far away!  
We live too far away to attend your classes, can we buy your German songs on your website? 
Click here to see and purchase our German for babies MP3s.  
Our bilingual lullabies and rhymes will have you singing along at home or in the car with your baby in no time! 
Plus, we're currently offering a discount off your first purchase by entering £5-OFF at checkout

How else can I get involved? 

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We look forward to seeing you there! 
The BilinguaSing Team  
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